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Get together your best girlfriends for boudoir/fashion portraits taken in a relaxed, fun and safe atmosphere.


What girl doesn’t love to play dress-up? Get all done up and just be YOU.   Inspire your girlfriends to treat themselves to feeling gorgeous, sexy and confident. Go shopping! Pick out the perfect outfit together or raid your closets! Get ready for a fun party of self-esteem boosting photo shoots!


Boudoir Parties are great for women who:


* are on a budget but still want sexy, beautiful professional photos done of themselves.

* want to give that special someone a fantastic gift.

* want a fun new way to celebrate “girls-night”.

* know someone who is having a birthday, bridal shower, or bachelorette party.

* just because!


What is a Boudoir Party?

A Boudoir Party is an event hosted in your home or on location in a hotel suite.  I will take professional portraits for you and your friends in two 15 minute mini-sessions. These prices also include professional hair and make-up styling.


How do they work?

Boudoir Parties are hosted by one person, who provides the guest list. The hostess gets her session free for hosting a 4-5 guest party. In addition, you and your guests receive a custom flash drive with print release of 10-12 fully retouched final images.

Each guest pays only $275 (private sessions run $500+) and each guest receives the following:


•             Professional Make-up

•             Professional Hair styling

•             2 style changes (make-up/hair)

•             Two individual 15 minute mini photo sessions per guest

•             10-12 fully retouched images with Print Release per guest (custom flash drive)

•             Secure Online Viewing and Ordering


Do I/We have to get undressed or wear lingerie?

No! Boudoir Parties are for you to dress up or down however you want.  You can wear anything from lingerie to your favorite sports teams’ jersey or formal cocktail/evening dresses to your favorite pair of ripped jeans and white tank.  It’s about having fun and feeling great about how you look.  Wear whatever you feel the most confident in!


Will my images be posted, published or used in any way for the public to see by Red Ribbon?

Your images will be NOT be posted or published in any way for the public to see.  Nor will they be used for advertising, editorial or in any other fashion.  All the images that Red Ribbon captures are kept confidential and private.  Our viewing website is secure and password protected for your privacy.


What should I, as the Hostess, expect the day of?

Most parties are scheduled on Friday or Saturday evenings and take about 3-4 hours depending on the number of friends attending.  The photographer will arrive early to set up .  Once all your friends start to arrive one person will get make up done and one will have their hair styled and cycle accordingly.  As soon as the first lady is ready with hair and makeup I will begin her first session.  Each lady gets two sessions, one for each style change.


Sign me up!

First, make out a potential guest list. We require at least 4 people (including hostess) to participate in the parties with a maximum of 6 (including hostess). Discuss dates with your guests to see which dates will work best for all of you. Once your date is set Red Ribbon will help you put together the invitation FAQ’s and information.  You then send them out however you would like- by Email, postal, using Evites or by creating an event on Facebook.

Red Ribbon Photography will collect all fees, the hostess need not worry!  Guests pay via Pay Pal (link and instructions will be in the FAQ’s and information for the invitation).  If guests want to order prints, you can let them know they can order directly from us via our online ordering site.  And remember: As a hostess, you receive your sessions complimentary with a party of 4 or more guests!


Tips for a Successful Hostess

•             Have snacks (it keeps the other ones busy who are waiting for their turn). You can provide snacks yourself or do it potluck style                have everyone bring a little something to share.  Remember Red Ribbon will provide a bottle of champagne!

•             Crank up the tunes!

•             Follow up with reminders to your guests

•             Remember this is for women only, no persons under 18 or men!


Thank you for your interest in being a Boudoir Party Hostess. Contact us right away to secure your party date!